license is changed.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Jul 20 17:19:52 EDT 2003

The latest CVS of PhysicsFS is under the zlib license.

If you want the LGPL'd version for whatever reason,
the CVS repository is tagged with "final-pre-zlib-license".

Thank you all for your understanding about the license change. There will
be a 0.1.9 release soon to reflect this change.

Please note that the following things were removed from the repository,
since the original authors could not be contacted:

 - Russian translations (various codepages)
 - Spanish translation
 - QPAK driver.
 - Ruby bindings.

I'll be replacing the qpak driver personally, the translations are easy to
replace by someone fluent in those languages, and I trust the Ruby
bindings will show up if they are important (or the original author
notices they are missing and contacts me). Overall, this went better than
I expected.

Questions and comments can be directed to me. Thanks again, everyone!


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