[physfs] win32 updates.

Gregory S. Read zeph at clutteredmind.org
Tue May 7 14:04:50 EDT 2002

> >To answer your question about binaries...the answer is...not me.  I have
> >no intention of maintaining a binary DLL version of PhysFS...but if
> >someone cares to take that responsibility...we'd be more than thrilled to host it
> >on icculus.org.  I might change my mind once we have a solid 1.0
> >release...but for now, I'm not building any public binaries.
> That's pretty nonsense. I mean, if there are any bugs, they are both in the source distribution and in the binary
> one. If you just want to USE it you don't need any source code.

If we were getting paid to do this it might be considered nonsense...but
the fact is, we're doing this for free, in our spare time.  So I say this
the nicest way I can...  Deal with it...or fix it yourself. :-)

That being said, once I get the known errors fixed in the Win32 version,
I'll make a DLL build of it, and post it on icculus.org.

> Borland C++ Builder 6 seems to be not GNU-extensions compliant by default (for example, it doesn't recognize
> inline functions in plain C). Maybe there's a switch somewhere, but I don't know where.

I don't have any experience with BB.  If you figure it out, let us
know...we'll incorporate the changes in CVS.


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