[physfs] win32 updates.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon May 6 16:45:16 EDT 2002

> at the beginning of physfs.h, but now it doesn't link:

You need to get the latest version of Physfs from CVS, or
DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT is meaningless, since it won't be checking for that
define in the source anywhere.

(And, as predicted, this won't link even with INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER,
unless the code is jettisoned with DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT in the latest CVS.)

The latest CVS also guarantees that INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER is defined,
so you shouldn't need to touch that.

> Are there any CVS programs for windows? I repeat it... can you
> distibute the BINARIES? Why the hell should we have Vi$ual C++, Core
> $DK, etc- when maybe we want to use the DLL with borland or some other
> compiler????

Because distributing binaries is a pain in the butt for us. It's easier
for it to be a pain in the butt for you.  :)

Seriously, I expend my time on maintaining the source, and will welcome
binaries from anyone that wants to maintain them, but I'm not doing it
myself (I don't even have a Windows box).


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