natural language and valgrind...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Mon Jul 29 02:46:57 EDT 2002

First, if you didn't see the story on Slashdot, I must recommend you run,
not walk, to the Valgrind website and install this program. It took longer
to compile Valgrind than it took to become useful...about 60 seconds after
downloading the source, I had uncovered two memory leaks in PhysicsFS
(which are now fixed, in CVS).

Also in CVS is support for natural language. All significant string
literals in the library are now defined as constants in physfs_internal.h.
New translations of these literals can be added to the header and the
configure script, so you can do:

  ./configure --enable-language=english

And get a binary in that language. Currently the only language is English,
since (I'm ashamed to admit) that's all I speak. Contributions of other
language translations are welcome, and, if you're fluent, will take maybe
ten or fifteen minutes, maximum, to complete. If someone does a
translation, I'll get it integrated with the build system right away.


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