Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Jul 28 00:50:37 EDT 2002

The porting insanity continues: PhysicsFS now compiles and runs on OS/2.


Currently you need EMX (GNU C for OS/2, basically) to build it, but you
actually get a shared library out of it. Project files for IBM
VisualAge/C++, Watcom C, or Borland C (I think that covers all of them)
are welcome, but not forthcoming from me...likely it will just need
project files though; the rest should compile cleanly. The lowlevel bits
are in platform/os2.c, which is now in CVS.

To build, get EMX in your PATH, and run the makeos2.cmd batch file in the
source tree (yes a batch file...EMX doesn't come with "make", so I felt it
best to go this route). By default, you will need LINK386.EXE, which is
that "link object modules" option in the Selective Install. Go install it
if you didn't; link386.exe is not installed by default.

The truly brave can try to cobble together a POSIX-compliant shell from
various locations on the net offering OS/2 binaries and try to use the
configure script to build...I got it to detect my host system as
i386-pc-os2-emx, and then it gave up. Reports of better successes than
mine are welcome; os2.c is part of our autoconf build solution, so if you
can get the right tools together, it might work.

When we finish stabilizing everything, I'll build OS/2 binaries with the
rest of the batch for a 1.0.0 release.

Speaking of which, 1.0.0 is getting _close_. Just need to clean up a few
things, and tweak a few others. Mostly I'm stalling; lots of code has been
(re)written recently, and I want to allow time for bugs to show up and get
squashed. Keep pounding on the library so we can shake those bugs out.


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