[mojosetup] Suffix for Mojosetup-Installers

Gerry JJ trick at icculus.org
Sun Apr 18 13:47:31 EDT 2010

Den Sun, 18 Apr 2010 19:18:38 +0200
skrev Reto Schneider <mailinglisten at reto-schneider.ch>:
> Any other ideas or recommendations?

I've been using .mojo.run.  Used to just use .run, but as you say, some
people got confused.  Tried to run them through sh and complained when
it didn't work.  (Not many that i know of, but it's possible there's
more who just silently gave up of course.)

Another option is .bin.run.  This might be better since the bin part
clearly implies it's a binary file..  I like keeping the mojo part in
there though, in deluded anticipation of some day having distros with
mojo-handlers that get around the chmod +x problem and such =]

You could also just go with .mojo or something, but it's not
immediately obvious that this will be an executable file.  That's why I
like .run, it says right there that you can run it, and most people
already know from experience that .run files are executable.  Personally
I've adopted .run as ".exe for linux", with extra suffixes thrown in
to distinguish things if necessary (like with mojo).

That said, having a standard suffix for everyone to use would be nice.
I think this has been discussed before, but don't remember if any
conclusions were made.

- Gerry

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