[mojosetup] Suffix for Mojosetup-Installers

Reto Schneider mailinglisten at reto-schneider.ch
Sun Apr 18 14:39:34 EDT 2010

Gerry JJ wrote:
> I've been using .mojo.run.  Used to just use .run, but as you say, some
> people got confused.  Tried to run them through sh and complained when
> it didn't work.  (Not many that i know of, but it's possible there's
> more who just silently gave up of course.)

This sounds really good. *.mojo.run for executable installer and maybe, later, .mojo (just the
zip-file) if one day everyone has mojosetup installed. :)

> That said, having a standard suffix for everyone to use would be nice.


> I think this has been discussed before, but don't remember if any
> conclusions were made.

I could not find such a discussion.


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