Need translators for MojoSetup strings...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Mon Jan 14 06:05:25 EST 2008

I've finally got all the pending localization issues cleaned up.

I need people to provide translations for MojoSetup. There are a few 
basic guidelines, but it's not a seriously technical process; mostly 
this needs bilingual speakers to add lines to a text file.

Those that are willing to help should grab it from here (this URL is 
always the latest version)...*checkout*/mojosetup/trunk/scripts/localization.lua

...and email the updated file with the new translations to me, which 
I'll then add to the master copy. All the instructions are at the top of 
the file.

A translation looks like this:

  ["Hello"] = {
    es = "Hola",
    de = "Hallo",
    fr = "Bonjour",

...and can optionally be more specific, and do locale-specific things...

  ["Color"] = {
    en_GB = "Colour";  -- the British spell it differently.

The more languages, the better. The application should be entirely 
Unicode clean so we should be able to handle just about any 
left-to-right language in theory (and if there are any right-to-left 
speakers on the list, I'd love to learn more about what we need to make 
that work well).

If anyone has any questions, let me know. If you can contribute, you 
have my thanks.


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