[mojosetup] Binaries Symlink

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Jan 11 18:37:48 EST 2008

> Is there a way to configure an option to put a symlink
> in /usr/local/bin?  I presume that's what the 'binarypath' attribute in
> Setup.Package is for, which appears to be non-implemented.

It's on the TODO list...it'll be part of the "install menu items" work 
that is yet to be done (symlinks placed in the $PATH fall into that 
category, sort of, but they are Unix-specific...getting items into Gnome 
menus, the Windows Start menu, the Mac OS X dock, etc, are other 
manifestations of this).

The "binarypath" thing was only there because I was evaluating which 
pieces of the loki_setup schema to keep.

> I'm going to look into the implementation to see how this would be done,
> but I want to run the above by the list, as the change I'm proposing
> would be ABI breaking.

I don't think we have any sort of official ABI.   :)


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