[mojosetup] gtk gui

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri May 18 21:20:18 EDT 2007

> After confirming to cancel the install it generates an error and then 
> requires you to hit finish, I think it should just exit without further 
> input.


> If you hit the back button after agreeing to the license it cancels the 
> install rather than going back to the license and readme.

I think it's canceling if destination path is blank and you try to go 
forward or back...that's definitely a bug. It should probably just 
disable the forward button until the combo box has a valid path in it, 
too, but that page is all just placeholder code for now (actually, most 
of the GTK+ code is placeholder code at the moment. Having it work at 
all was the only requirement before publishing MojoSetup, and it shows).

> It would be nice to have an option to either set the window size or wrap 
> the readme/license text instead having to scroll left and right.

Yes. I'd really like to replace that with an HTML-rendering widget, but 
I'm not sure plugging in gtkhtml is worth it. It would be really nice to 
have rich text in the readme/eula, though.

As for window size...I think it's setting itself to something like 30% 
of the desktop size, which happens to look okay on this Apple Cinema 
Display, but not so good anywhere else. I'm not sure what the right way 
is to choose a default screen size, but I'm sure there's probably a way. 
Opinions are welcome.

> And of course fixing up the destination screen and installing binaries 
> to a seperate path but that looks like it's already on the TODO list.

Yeah, I didn't want to put too much work into the GTK bits until the UI 
interface was more stable and I had a better idea of what a graphical 
installer should look like. It was much easier to throw together (and 
throw away) experiments when the "user interface" is printf().   :)

> Great work so far though!



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