gtk gui

Nemo Der nemoder at
Fri May 18 18:39:15 EDT 2007

Hello!  First off, thanks a ton for working on this!  It's convinced me to
finally package up a puzzle game I started on several years ago but never

I can see the gtk gui is still a work in progress but here's a few minor
issues I've noticed:

After confirming to cancel the install it generates an error and then
requires you to hit finish, I think it should just exit without further

If you hit the back button after agreeing to the license it cancels the
install rather than going back to the license and readme.

It would be nice to have an option to either set the window size or wrap the
readme/license text instead having to scroll left and right.

And of course fixing up the destination screen and installing binaries to a
seperate path but that looks like it's already on the TODO list.
Great work so far though!
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