ncurses UI...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun May 20 07:23:34 EDT 2007

...I said I didn't have immediate plans for this, but curiosity got the 
better of me, and now we have a ncurses UI, as of svn revision #299, 
it's pretty usable.

The only big missing piece is the Destination page...currently it uses 
whatever the first recommendation is, and if there isn't one, pretends 
that the user clicked "Cancel" ... obviously this is bad in itself, but 
it also means you can't step backwards over the Destination page for 
now. Besides this glaring error, I'm sure there're lots of corner cases 
to shake out with things like resizing xterms, etc. But I'm fairly happy 
with how it stands after a short time.

Please note that this doesn't use "dialog."  While the latest dialog 
source packages have changed from the GPL to LGPL and build a 
"libdialog," they only build a static lib and most distros don't install 
it or the dialog app by default...which means it mostly wouldn't work in 
either case unless we statically linked libdialog, which would be a 
license violation. So if a widget looks or acts funny compared to, say, 
loki_setup's ncurses support (which uses libdialog), then it's my fault. 
Everything is done directly in libncurses from the MojoSetup UI plugin.

Please send questions and comments if you try it out. And maybe a patch 
for that Destination page.  :)


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