[mohaa] MOH:AA Spearhead Linux server ALPHA1

Luke Salsich lsalsich at cox.net
Tue Dec 31 18:59:26 EST 2002


Thanks, Ryan...... ;)

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Ok, here it is:


This is actually based on the Spearhead 2.15 codebase, but I've hacked
it up to report itself as "2.11" so the latest released win32 clients
won't reject it in the server browser. They use the same protocol
version, so this should be safe (har har, "what could possibly go
wrong?"). This will fix itself in a later release, but this should
satiate those hungry early adopters, like Luke.  :)

I've only tested this for (no joke) 30 seconds. Win32 client could see
the Linux server on a LAN in the server browser, connect, and fight
against another client. I have not tested internet play at all. This is
very much an untested alpha. If you aren't really curious or really
desperate to try this, you might want to wait until this is declared
beta quality (or production quality, even). You have been warned.

Understand a few things:
1) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
2) You need to install the game on win32, and copy it over, like the
original MOHAA Linux server.
3) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
4) This will refuse to run in 30 days, but we'll have updates before
5) This is ALPHA quality code, don't expect it to be stable.
6) Read the README, use bugzilla, use the mailing list. Don't email me

I highly recommend GameAdmins.com's MOH:AA server tutorial for
configuration examples. For the most part, setting up a Linux Spearhead
server is just like setting up a Linux MOH:AA server, and just about
anything new in Spearhead is configured identically to the win32

I think all of my Linux-specific additions (sv_chatter, etc) have been
re-ported for Spearhead, but if I missed anything, let me know. I
haven't added any requests (like logging certain details to aid external
applications, etc. Please nag me to finish that!).

With less than six hours to go before 2003 in my time zone, at least I
kept my promise about having this out between Christmas and the New
Year.  :)

Oh, and this is alpha-quality code, so don't expect it to be stable.


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