[mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...

Salsich, Luke LJS at protectorgroup.com
Tue Dec 17 11:36:04 EST 2002

My question would be what is your upload/download speed? 8-10 servers on
that server seems like a lot, but if the pings are alright from your
intranet (while the server is full??), then its probably not a hardware
issue. High pings from the net probably indicate a lack of bandwidth.....


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Subject: [mohaa] Performance isses on linux moh servers...

Hi there, I was curious of what people did to improve their moh server 
performance numbers on thir linux servers. This is my current system 

Dual Athlon MP2000+ processors
2 Gig ram
2 36Gig WD ide drives raided
Linux Redhat 7.3 stock

I have about 8-10 moh instances up on this particular server and although 
pings are doing very well behind my network, I am getting alot of 'server 

Looking at the system, I notice that the cpu usages are not balanced..which 
is expected but one of the cpu's do hit around 85% busy with the other being

about 60% busy. Is there anyway to reduce the system utilization? Possibly, 
os tuning or process tuning?


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