[lokisetup] Multi CD's/DVD directions ?

James Munn jmunnster at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 12:43:43 EST 2006

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Thanks again Ryan, the installer is working nicely now actually works
great. I still have to do some changes and tweaks, then I will post it
for download. Just one more quick question, how do I get the installer
prompt for the or a CD Key ? I know this can be done but have seen it
done that often. Thanks again.... 

- - Jim

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006 06:26:12 -0500
"Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at icculus.org> wrote:

> > Thanks Ryan. Yes I agree. I think I think it will be better just to
> > create an installer for each seperate type of Game media. I already
> > have an idea as to the layout (setup.xml) for the DVD version. So
> > all I should have to do is add another line in the setup.xml for
> > each installation CD's for Serious Sam 2 ? Will this also prompt
> > for the CD change ...etc ?
> Yeah, you define each disc with the "cdrom" tag (and list a unique
> file on the disc so the installer knows when it's been inserted).
> Then notice that some of the "files" tags have a "cdromid" attribute.
> That's how it knows to pull things from specific discs, and ask the
> user for it when it can't find it (including when it's time to put
> the next disc in the drive).
> > I have also been trying to extract the linux_install.sh
> > from the UT2004 multi CD game to use as an example but if I run
> > the ./linux_install.sh --keep --noexec it leaves no data behind to
> > compare with. These options work fine with other installers, any
> > idea why ? Thanks again for the example setup.xml :)
> See if it landed in /tmp ... it did some magic to make sure the 
> installer didn't run from the disc itself, so the disc could be 
> unmounted when the next one was to be inserted. This isn't a problem 
> with an installer that you'd download to use with the Serious Sam 2 
> discs, but it was when UT2004's installer shipped in the box.
> --ryan.

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