[lokisetup] Multi CD's/DVD directions ?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Nov 25 06:26:12 EST 2006

> Thanks Ryan. Yes I agree. I think I think it will be better just to
> create an installer for each seperate type of Game media. I already
> have an idea as to the layout (setup.xml) for the DVD version. So all I
> should have to do is add another line in the setup.xml for each
> installation CD's for Serious Sam 2 ? Will this also prompt for the CD
> change ...etc ?

Yeah, you define each disc with the "cdrom" tag (and list a unique file 
on the disc so the installer knows when it's been inserted). Then notice 
that some of the "files" tags have a "cdromid" attribute. That's how it 
knows to pull things from specific discs, and ask the user for it when 
it can't find it (including when it's time to put the next disc in the 

> I have also been trying to extract the linux_install.sh
> from the UT2004 multi CD game to use as an example but if I run
> the ./linux_install.sh --keep --noexec it leaves no data behind to
> compare with. These options work fine with other installers, any idea
> why ? Thanks again for the example setup.xml :)

See if it landed in /tmp ... it did some magic to make sure the 
installer didn't run from the disc itself, so the disc could be 
unmounted when the next one was to be inserted. This isn't a problem 
with an installer that you'd download to use with the Serious Sam 2 
discs, but it was when UT2004's installer shipped in the box.


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