[lokisetup] Multi CD's/DVD directions ?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Nov 28 08:37:07 EST 2006

> Thanks again Ryan, the installer is working nicely now actually works
> great. I still have to do some changes and tweaks, then I will post it
> for download. Just one more quick question, how do I get the installer
> prompt for the or a CD Key ? I know this can be done but have seen it
> done that often. Thanks again.... 

This is a bit hacky and wasn't ever documented, I don't think...it was 
wedged in there for UT2003 on the Mac, and UT2004 on Linux.

In the "install" tag, add a "cdkey" attribute with the path where the CD 
key will be written:

     <!-- Mac version has this... -->
     cdkey="Unreal Tournament 2004.app/System/cdkey"

The installer will prompt for it. If there is a binary called "vcdk" in 
the same place as the setup binary, it will run that (with argv[1] set 
to the key the user entered) to validate the key. If the vcdk process 
returns zero, the key is invalid and the installer will prompt the user 
again. If it returns non-zero, it's valid and life goes on...the key is 
written to the file specified.


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