Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Nov 4 21:42:45 EST 2006

> Before your company went defunct, this loki software installer program was 
> it something that came with every game you made available on the discs when 
> people purchased them!

(Loki wasn't "my" company, I just happened to work there.)

Yes, the installer was on the disc with the game.

> And the second question was is the loki software installer a stand alone 
> program that needed to be installed under linux to aid in the install of 
> favourite windows version games!

It is a standalone program; you run it from the game disc and it would 
install the game. It wasn't something that you had to install by itself, 
and once the game was installed, the installer itself could be forgotten.

It doesn't install the Windows versions of Loki's titles...you needed 
Loki's game disc in most cases (notable exceptions were Quake 3 and 
Unreal Tournament, where there were specific arrangements in place to 
let you install from whatever disc onto any platform, even if it meant 
copying some files manually).

The Loki discs generally had a different layout than the Windows ones, 
to aid installation and other issues (many Windows games had some 
unknown package format so the Loki disc had to be completely 
different...others, like Descent 3, had to put files on different discs 
so swapping the CD during play wasn't an issue).


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