[lokisetup] Thank you so very much!!

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>Ahh thank you so very much Ryan. That answered my questions, so the 
>installer came on the disc and when it was installed it was forgotten 
>about, well now that you've answered my questions perhaps you can answer 
>another for me! I've been on the lokigames website and im curious is this 
>site just still up to preserve it and it's information, or do they still 
>ship linux version games off there website? I hope so! reason why i ask is 
>every distro of linux ive ever used has frustrated me since day one, when 
>it came to running windows games in linux, most notable was the quake 
>series and unreal tournament. I used to have redhat linux 7.2 box which i 
>used wine to run the quake games or unreal tournament in linux, I always 
>wondered if there was actual linux versions of the games that i had for 
>windows but only for linux. I really did enjoy using wine to play my games 
>in linux but i've always wanted to go down the easy route and just buy a 
>linux version game instead of doing the copying of files to linux from the 
>windows game disc!

Thanks for answering those questions!
Yours truly,
Eric Cornish

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