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>Hello, i've been a fan of your company loki games for quite some time, i 
>was on your site icculus.org, but i found some stuff on quake and what not, 
>and i saw some screenshots for your program called the loki software 
>installer. I have a few questions about it and they are as follows:
Before your company went defunct, this loki software installer program was 
it something that came with every game you made available on the discs when 
people purchased them! And the second question was is the loki software 
installer a stand alone program that needed to be installed under linux to 
aid in the install of favourite windows version games! Reason why i ask is 
i've been trying to dig up all the information on this piece of software of 
yours and didn't get really far, so i thought i'd go straight to the horses 
mouth and take a stab at emailing you these questions and kinda tie the 
knots about those questions that i've wanted answered for a long time!

Thank you so graciously for your time and if you can please reply to me, it 
would be appreciated. Once again thank you very much for giving linux A+ 
games such as quake 3 arena

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