[lokisetup] gnome and kde...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Jun 6 21:16:10 EDT 2006

> It's actually pretty sharp when it works.

And when it doesn't, it's pretty harsh. Ubuntu 5.10 (as opposed to 5.06) 
doesn't show the app in the Applications list until you log out (then it 
can come and go as it please, uninstall, install, etc, and it updates 
the menu immediately...maybe if you don't have a ~/.local when Gnome 
starts, it ignores it outright until you relogin?

I also couldn't get it to associate the mimetype with the app (Nautilus 
figured out that I had the right type of file, but wouldn't open it with 
the assigned app). At this point, Firefox _didn't_ have the association 
at all. When I forced the app to load in Nautilus by right clicking a 
file and opening it from there, it started working, and Firefox picked 
up the change, etc. Uninstalling the app got rid of the application icon 
(good), Nautilus didn't need much nudging to catch up...firefox kept the 
association after restarting the process.

Basically it seems to get confused easily as you install and uninstall 
apps and mimetypes (three copies of "Open this in YourAppName" on the 
right click menu in Nautilus now), so don't taunt it, and it might need 
a nudge to get it going, too.

I'm still calling this progress.  :)

I'll give Ubuntu 6.06 a try too, see if a newer Gnome makes this better.


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