[lokisetup] gnome and kde...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Jun 6 02:30:54 EDT 2006

> ...and it doesn't work. I can get it to install a file in the my .gnome 
> directory, but it never shows up anywhere.

An update: I got this to work tonight...apparently there was something 
Gnome didn't like in my original .desktop file, and on top of that, once 
I installed the one it didn't like, it just refused to show another one 
installed in any other directory where Gnome otherwise accepts these files.

I made a new one based on Ubuntu's firefox .desktop file, flushed out 
the old one, and it worked fine. Mimetype install for the datafiles, 
too...launcher menu had the app's icon, and nautilus picked up the new 
app support. Firefox even picked up the change.

It's actually pretty sharp when it works. Still don't like the idea of a 
shell script trying to make a best-guess about it, though, and I 
couldn't coerce a --system install to work (but I can live with --user 
for now). I'll see about integrating this into loki_setup in some form.


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