File and URL associations?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Feb 26 04:04:17 EST 2006

loki_setup can instruct Gnome/KDE to add a launcher for a given app to 
their start bars, but is there some way to instruct Gnome/KDE to 
consider this app as the document handler for a specific file extension 
or mimetype? Do these window systems even support that sort of 

I'm researching the feasibility of adding, say, a .umod handler to 
UT2007 that automatically installs a mod when you click on it, and maybe 
also some sort of bookmark thing (a ".ut2007" file, for the sake of 
argument) that launches the game and connects directly to a server.

Also interested in how to get these file handlers to be recognized by, 
say, Firefox, so it can launch the handler for downloaded files directly.

And finally, URL handlers: we already have a "ut2004://" URL that 
launches the game on Windows but not Linux, since there's no way I can 
see to tell any part of Linux to do something specific when it sees 

Is there any parts of this loki_setup can handle? Some of this is 
probably beyond the installer's control if there aren't even de facto 
standards in this area, but I was curious if anyone had insight into how 
to solve these problems.


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