[lokisetup] File and URL associations?

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Sun Feb 26 05:12:48 EST 2006

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> And finally, URL handlers: we already have a "ut2004://" URL that 
> launches the game on Windows but not Linux, since there's no way I can 
> see to tell any part of Linux to do something specific when it sees 
> "ut2004://".

The Second Life Linux Alpha forum has a 'URI scheme
"secondlife://sim/x/y" in Mozilla/Linux?' thread which
discusses how to make mozilla/firefox/thunderbird pass
these URLs on to an application.  I thought I recalled
seeing a similar thread for gnome/kde associations,
but I can't immediately find it.

Sadly these instructions are more 'the user goes and
configures A B C' than 'programmatically you drop a
file in directory A and append a line to file B' --
the mozilla config instructions do translate to
adding a few easy lines to prefs.js, but the path to
this file is salted, probably to counter this sort of
thing, plus it's worthless to do this while mozilla
is running.

If you create a custom XPI for moz/firefox/etc and
get the user to install it once, then you can do the
URL protocol and filetype-handling setup all at

Hmm... you could install this XPI file with
the product and then invoke mozilla/firefox with
the path to the XPI... yes, just
tested that, it seems to work.  It could be
integrated into the installation process.  It
does require the user clicking 'yes, install' on a
browser dialog.


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