[lokisetup] no files element bug(?)

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at gmx.de
Fri Oct 29 18:33:14 EDT 2004

Daniel Aleksandrow wrote:
> [...]
> Am I right to assume that I can put the binaries in the folder
> image/bin, and that the option will have them installed in
> /usr/local/games/vegastrike/bin and put symlinks for them in
> /usr/local/bin ?

Citing README.xml:
| The binary element contains one or more binary files to be
| installed for this option.  The binary is installed in the top
| level of the install directory, and if the symlink attribute is
| set, a symbolic link is placed in the system executable path.

So the thing that gets installed via binary tags ends up in
/usr/local/games/vegastrike. You can make it a shell script wrapper
for the actual binaries.

> [...]
> <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
> <install product="vegastrike" desc="Vegastrike Space Simulator"
> version="0.4.3" uninstall="uninstall.sh"
> binarypath="/usr/local/bin"
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not needed

>          promptbinaries="no" express="no" splashpos="top">
                           ^^ you have binaries
>   <eula>
>    data4.x/COPYING
>   </eula>
>   <install_drop_list>
>     /usr/local/games /usr/share/local /usr/local/share 
>     /usr/share /usr/games /opt/share /usr/local
>   </install_drop_list>

This list is not needed, use the built-in default.

>   <component name="Default" version="0.4.3" default="yes">
>     <option required="true">
>       Vegastrike Binaries
>       <help>Required to play Vegastrike, or any compatible mod.</help>
>       <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vegastrike" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">

binpath is not the directory where to find the binary but the path
to the binary itself. Put your binary into bin/Linux/x86/ then you
don't need the binpath attribute at all.


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