[lokisetup] no files element bug(?)

Daniel Aleksandrow dandandaman at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 30 00:21:57 EDT 2004

thanks for the reply :-)

> >          promptbinaries="no" express="no" splashpos="top">
>                            ^^ you have binaries

okay, so if I have this set to "no", binaries aren't installed?!?  I
want the symlinks created no matter what the user does, so how would I
go about this ... making post install and uninstall scripts will work,
but is there an easier may?

> >   <component name="Default" version="0.4.3" default="yes">
> > 
> >     <option required="true">
> >       Vegastrike Binaries
> >       <help>Required to play Vegastrike, or any compatible mod.</help>
> >       <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vegastrike" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">
> binpath is not the directory where to find the binary but the path
> to the binary itself. Put your binary into bin/Linux/x86/ then you
> don't need the binpath attribute at all.

okay, but I want the binaries installed into installpath/bin ... how
would this be done then?

Thanks for the help :-)


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