no files element bug(?)

Daniel Aleksandrow dandandaman at
Fri Oct 29 03:18:43 EDT 2004

I'm creating a loki installer for the next version of Vegastrike
(, and need some help.

I have:
install path set as /usr/local/games
link path set as /usr/local/bin

and the binaries in their own option like so:

    <option required="true">
      Vegastrike Binaries
      <help>Required to play Vegastrike, or any compatible mod.</help>
      <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vegastrike" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">
      <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vslauncher" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">
      <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="vssetup" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">
      <binary arch="x86" libc="any" symlink="soundserver" play="no" binpath="bin/" keepdirs="yes">

Am I right to assume that I can put the binaries in the folder
image/bin, and that the option will have them installed in
/usr/local/games/vegastrike/bin and put symlinks for them in
/usr/local/bin ?

I thought this would be right, but it doesn't seem to work :-/

Any help would be really appreciated :-)

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