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Chunky Kibbles chunky at icculus.org
Mon Jan 5 17:03:03 EST 2004

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 03:30:48PM -0500, chris holzschuh wrote:

Sentence 1:
> I have recently went to your irc channel and expressed high interest
> in game porting or i should say conversion to linux using install scripts
> like loki setup.

Cool! Linux always needs more games. There's a couple source releases
out there that haven't yet been ported, for example MiG Alley... first
source link I found is this one:
for Battle of Britain.

Good Luck! Loki Setup would make an excellent installer for this game
once you've done the task of porting. If mails on this list are
anything to go by, making the installer is relatively hard, and I've
heard that some games [eg Postal] only took a couple of days to port.

Sentence 2:
> However being new to this not linux I dont know where to start i went
> out bought a book called Programming linux games by loki and john hall
> and with this book ive become even more interested in learning this and
> i dont know where to begin and i was wondering if you guys could help
> point me in the right direction on literature or if i could post maybee
> the newbish questions in hopes that you guys would help me get started
> and not getting to pissed off at me.

Well, if you want to start creating original content, you could try
putting together Penguin Warrior [as is described in the book that you
have], and then modifying it. After that, the internet is full of
exciting places to learn new stuff.

Try asking in #icculus.org on freenode once you have an idea of any
specific direction you wish to go [eg, First Person Shooter or Space Sim?
2D or 3D? Maybe even console? There's some really cool libraries out
there for writing console games, ranging from the
aging-but-still-reliable curses, or the much more modern aalib]

And don't worry about asking newbieish questions, or sounding dumb. We
all do stuff like that, even at the best of times. The only way to
really get people "pissed off at [you]" is to not try to help
yourself, or write completely incoherently then wonder why people are
pissed at you.

Good Luck!
Gary (-;

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