[lokisetup] So what's up with loki_update?

John Quigley jmquigs at bigfoot.com
Thu Apr 10 00:43:57 EDT 2003

Are you saying that you are trying to install tribes 2, but you can't update 
it because you can't retrieve the gpg keys since the loki servers are down?

If so, just hit ctrl-c during the gpg key check.  It will install it and 
proceed with next patch.  This method worked for me when I recently 
reinstalled T2.

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 12:35 am, Mike Palmer wrote:
> I just rebuilt a system and cannot update things like tribes2 since
> their is no .sig files for it to verify against.
> So what do you guys suggest? Should I manually compile and install the
> loki tools from icculus instead of letting it update itself normally
> when installing the loki version of tribes2?
> Is there a way to get this working again?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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