[lokisetup] Gnome/KDE icons

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Sep 10 18:31:42 EDT 2002

> Sort of related, I noticed in the OS X docs they don't like
> 'installers', but instead, drag and drop. I have almost 0% OS X
> experience, so I don't know how third parties really install their
> programs, but I think it'd be a good idea to investigate before
> MEGA/whomever does the effort for a Carbon/OS X port...

I've seen InstallShield-style solutions (indeed, it might have actually
BEEN InstallShield), which are nice, but a lot of software _does_ come on
a virtual disk. Double click it and it mounts it on a loopback and brings
up the moutned folder with an icon saying "drag this to your hard drive."

Drag the icon, it copies off the virtual disk. "Eject" the disk to unmount
it, you're done.

In many ways, this is MUCH nicer than Installshield or loki_setup, but
that's because on OS X you can get away with just copying folders and not
worrying about installing icons in a start bar or library dependencies or
symlinks...most OSes need more than the files to exist on a folder in your
hard drive.

(And some software needs to show EULAs, readmes, or do post-installation
stuff, for which this won't work.)

loki_setup would also need to handle resource forks in the files it
copies, which can't be done through stdio, but dragging in the finder from
a virtual disk that contains this information in the filesystem handles it
automagically. I had this problem writing a UMOD installer for the Mac
Classic version of the originally Unreal Tournament (hint: steal this
code for OS X, if it's Carbonized:


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