more questions:

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Mon Sep 9 20:33:39 EDT 2002

- <install updateurl="xxx">  ... what should be in the file pointed to by
updateurl, and does loki_update even work anymore?

- The snappiest user response, it seems, is to tar/bzip2 the datafiles for
the game, and use makeself without size is a little
bigger (blah, who cares when the dataset is 100+ megs bzip2'd?), but
makeself runs with a quickness to get the UI up...then the user is willing
to sit through the install when there's a pretty GTK progress bar for the
all the bunzip2'ing. The problem is that the "total progress" bar is way
off, since tar can't determine how big the uncompressed data will be ahead
of time. Since I _will_ know this, can we add an XML attribute to <files>?
So <files size="250M"> data.tar.bz2 </files> will just take my word for it
and ignore the tar plugin's idea of total size.

Is that feasible?


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