[lokisetup] more questions:

Mike Phillips msphil at widomaker.com
Mon Sep 9 20:52:11 EDT 2002

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> - <install updateurl="xxx">  ... what should be in the file pointed to by
> updateurl, and does loki_update even work anymore?

loki_update still functions -- updates.lokigames.com is still there and
maintained (although that pretty much consists of periodically
double-checking the listed mirrors).

A basic empty file (say, just a line with "# no updates yet") is safe if
there are no updates yet.

LGP will be using loki_update (re-branded as lgp_update for obvious
reasons) for our products beginning with Mindrover and Majesty.

    -- Mike Phillips, msphil at widomaker.com

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