[Gtkradiant] 64-bit issues

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Fri Mar 21 18:08:01 CDT 2008

Branan Riley wrote:
> Yup, the patch still hasn't been applied to the tree - if it's
> necessary in ZeroRadiant still, I can port it.

Anything affecting q3map2 should be brought over.

> Also, what does it take to work with ZeroRadiant right now? I tried
> dumping the GtkRadiant Q3 gamepack into my ZeroRadiant install
> directory, and it didn't work at all:
> "Couldn't find 'gametools' node in file
> '/home/branan/Programs/radiant/ZeroRadiant/install/games/q3.game"
> Do any of the gamepacks work with ZeroRadiant yet? or is there
> something else I need to do to set up a game to be edited?
> Branan

I had to synthesize my own to get it to work.

I attached a zip of the 4 files required in my case (RADIANT_MAJOR and RADIANT_MINOR are needed to get it to start at all in release mode, games/q3.game is my made up q3 game file which I think should 
work, games/nexuiz.game is a more complex one for my game Nexuiz).

The zip is relative to the ZeroRadiant checkout, not any subdirectory, but it only contains files in install/ so be aware of this.

Note that the q3.game I made assumes you already installed the Q3 Pack in Q3 itself, and I am unable to test it as I do not own Quake3.

The nexuiz.game however is tested (all 'NexuizPack' stuff is part of the standard Nexuiz distribution so only the .game file is needed).

TTimo: Is there any chance we can get these files into the svn?  It would be really good if it simply 'worked out of the svn', more importantly I think we should end up with a lot of .game files 
sitting there so that people only have to unzip some data into each game as the only installation process.

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