[Gtkradiant] Issues with Zeroradiant...

Martin Gerhardy martin.gerhardy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 09:57:44 CDT 2008

...found by Richlv:


 1. file chooser does not remember last directory used and does not
default to ufoai map direcoty as trunk did
 2. ugly grid numbers (for example, 64 - 4 is very small, 128 etc)
 3. very low grid doesn't show smallest reasonable, it jumps to a large
grid (for example, zoom out, select grid 1 - looks like grid 7 or so)
 4. mousewheel does not work on mouseover, i have to click in the
desired view (x/y/z) before
 5. grids smaller than 1 don't have grey/black gridlines as a difference
for larger gridlines (as trunk had)
 6. there are no two smallest grids possible as in trunk - probably not
a problem as such, only could cause problems with existing maps
 7. there are no buttons in ui for selection of edges/corners/faces, and
i couldn't even find out how to select a face at all
 8. when selecting corners (vertices ?), i very often get some blue dot
that i can drag around, but actual brush doesn't change at all...
 last one is the weirdest
 that's the issues i spotted in first minutes using it ;)


The file chooser annoys me, too - but i'm not sure how to handle these
things. Should i send patches (because these changes will of course not
only change q2 related stuff)


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