[Gtkradiant] Issues with Zeroradiant...

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Fri Mar 21 17:19:47 CDT 2008

Martin Gerhardy wrote:
> ...found by Richlv:
> ----snip----
>  1. file chooser does not remember last directory used and does not
> default to ufoai map direcoty as trunk did

That's annoyed many people for a long time.

>  2. ugly grid numbers (for example, 64 - 4 is very small, 128 etc)
>  3. very low grid doesn't show smallest reasonable, it jumps to a large
> grid (for example, zoom out, select grid 1 - looks like grid 7 or so)
>  4. mousewheel does not work on mouseover, i have to click in the
> desired view (x/y/z) before

Note this may be platform dependent (Windows in particular).  Definitely need to get the mouse wheel working on mouseover on all platforms.  May involve some GTK2 quirk.

>  5. grids smaller than 1 don't have grey/black gridlines as a difference
> for larger gridlines (as trunk had)
>  6. there are no two smallest grids possible as in trunk - probably not
> a problem as such, only could cause problems with existing maps

The fractional grid sizes?  I think zeroradiant may lack floating point map coordinate support, so this would be a deeper issue.

>  7. there are no buttons in ui for selection of edges/corners/faces, and
> i couldn't even find out how to select a face at all

All hail modifier keys.

See the manual?

>  8. when selecting corners (vertices ?), i very often get some blue dot
> that i can drag around, but actual brush doesn't change at all...
>  last one is the weirdest
>  that's the issues i spotted in first minutes using it ;)

Blue dots (you might see up to 3 of them) are clipping plane control points for chopping brushes, they are not directly attached to any brush and aren't what you're looking for (although they are very 
useful for making sloped cuts on multiple brushes simultaneously).

Again, you're doing it wrong :)

> The file chooser annoys me, too - but i'm not sure how to handle these
> things. Should i send patches (because these changes will of course not
> only change q2 related stuff)
> Martin

I think we want all of these issues fixed - except for 7/8 (adding multiple selection modes might unduly complicate the editor codebase).

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