[Gtkradiant] Suggestion: add 'common' to shaderlist.txt

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 02:07:44 CDT 2008

1.6 compile from source for Linux.

I was having a problem compiling the bsp for my map until I essentially
removed every line from my shaderlist.txt file (Urban Terror install

Two shaderlist.txt files on my system:
  /opt/mapping-urt/q3ut4/scripts/shaderlist.txt (Urban Terror install

The shaderlist.txt in the UrbanTerror install directory I had set to the one
that comes stock with the UrT mapping tools (from your SVN, as per build
instructions on your webpage).  The shaderlist.txt in my home directory I
set to contain just one line, "common".  Then I tried to compile a bsp and I
got the following error:

entering scripts/riva.shader
entering scripts/riyadh_lamp.shader
entering scripts/roman_armor.shader
entering scripts/sarah.shader
entering scripts/scopering.shader
entering scripts/scopes.shader
entering scripts/sfx.shader
entering scripts/sggatec.shader
entering scripts/shminkylights.shader
entering scripts/sinnifunstuff.shader
entering scripts/sky.shader
entering scripts/sky_thingley.shader
entering scripts/sn_smoke.shader
entering scripts/streetlamp.shader
entering scripts/sweetnutz.shader
WARNING: Unknown surfaceparm: "solid"
entering scripts/sweetnutz3.shader
entering scripts/swim.shader
entering scripts/tom.shader
entering scripts/toxic2sky.shader
entering scripts/toxiclight.shader
entering scripts/toxicscripts.shader
entering scripts/toxicsky.shader
entering scripts/toxic_water.shader
entering scripts/true_fence.shader
entering scripts/tunis.shader
WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
entering scripts/tunis_sky.shader
entering scripts/turnpike.shader
entering scripts/urbanq3_misc2.shader
entering scripts/urbanterror_ui.shader
************ ERROR ************
ParseShaderFile(): scripts/urbanterror_ui.shader, line 37: { not found!
Found instead: blendFunc
Last known shader: assets/ui_lines1a.tga
Received error msg .. shutting down..

I changed the shaderlist.txt file in the install directory to contain just
one line, "common".  I compiled again and the problem was fixed.

So maybe the shaderlist.txt file needs adjustment in SVN?  Maybe just leave
it totally blank or let it contain just one line, "common"?  The user can
override this with the one in their home directory.  Well, sort of, because
when the shaderlist.txt in the install dir had all those lines and the one
in my home dir had just one line the compile was failing due to all those
shaders being looked up.  So the shaderlist.txt in my home dir does not
completely override the one in the install dir - there is some funny
business going on.

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Nerius Landys <nlandys at gmail.com> wrote:

> I noticed that 'common' is missing from the Urban Terror shader list.
> This provides caulk and the other standard shaders.  Is the shaderlist.txt
> still a relevant file?  It does get used by ZeroRadiant when I choose to
> show only textures in shaderlist.txt under the Texture menu.  Perhaps
> 'common' should be added to this file, no?
> nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ pwd
> /home/nlandys/ZeroRadiant
> nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ find . -name shaderlist.txt
> ./install/installs/UrTPack/install/q3ut4/scripts/shaderlist.txt
> ./install/installs/UFOAIPack/install/base/scripts/shaderlist.txt
> ./install/installs/Q2WPack/install/default/scripts/shaderlist.txt
> nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$
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