[Gtkradiant] Suggestion: add 'common' to shaderlist.txt

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Tue Apr 15 09:41:52 CDT 2008

I added common to the latest UrT shaderlist.txt

The ZeroRadiant game config copies the UrtPack/install/ content to the
game path, that's how it places all the scripts. The one you have under
~/.q3a doesn't come from us and should probably be deleted.


Nerius Landys wrote:
> 1.6 compile from source for Linux.
> I was having a problem compiling the bsp for my map until I
> essentially removed every line from my shaderlist.txt file (Urban
> Terror install directory).
> Two shaderlist.txt files on my system:
>   /opt/mapping-urt/q3ut4/scripts/shaderlist.txt (Urban Terror install
> directory)
>   ~/.q3a/q3ut4/scripts/shaderlist.txt
> The shaderlist.txt in the UrbanTerror install directory I had set to
> the one that comes stock with the UrT mapping tools (from your SVN, as
> per build instructions on your webpage).  The shaderlist.txt in my
> home directory I set to contain just one line, "common".  Then I tried
> to compile a bsp and I got the following error:
> ...
> ...
> entering scripts/riva.shader
> entering scripts/riyadh_lamp.shader
> entering scripts/roman_armor.shader
> entering scripts/sarah.shader
> entering scripts/scopering.shader
> entering scripts/scopes.shader
> entering scripts/sfx.shader
> entering scripts/sggatec.shader
> entering scripts/shminkylights.shader
> entering scripts/sinnifunstuff.shader
> entering scripts/sky.shader
> entering scripts/sky_thingley.shader
> entering scripts/sn_smoke.shader
> entering scripts/streetlamp.shader
> entering scripts/sweetnutz.shader
> WARNING: Unknown surfaceparm: "solid"
> entering scripts/sweetnutz3.shader
> entering scripts/swim.shader
> entering scripts/tom.shader
> entering scripts/toxic2sky.shader
> entering scripts/toxiclight.shader
> entering scripts/toxicscripts.shader
> entering scripts/toxicsky.shader
> entering scripts/toxic_water.shader
> entering scripts/true_fence.shader
> entering scripts/tunis.shader
> WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
> WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
> WARNING: Unknown q3map_alphaMod method: dotproduct2
> entering scripts/tunis_sky.shader
> entering scripts/turnpike.shader
> entering scripts/urbanq3_misc2.shader
> entering scripts/urbanterror_ui.shader
> ************ ERROR ************
> ParseShaderFile(): scripts/urbanterror_ui.shader, line 37: { not found!
> Found instead: blendFunc
> Last known shader: assets/ui_lines1a.tga
> Received error msg .. shutting down..
> I changed the shaderlist.txt file in the install directory to contain
> just one line, "common".  I compiled again and the problem was fixed.
> So maybe the shaderlist.txt file needs adjustment in SVN?  Maybe just
> leave it totally blank or let it contain just one line, "common"?  The
> user can override this with the one in their home directory.  Well,
> sort of, because when the shaderlist.txt in the install dir had all
> those lines and the one in my home dir had just one line the compile
> was failing due to all those shaders being looked up.  So the
> shaderlist.txt in my home dir does not completely override the one in
> the install dir - there is some funny business going on.
> On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Nerius Landys <nlandys at gmail.com
> <mailto:nlandys at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I noticed that 'common' is missing from the Urban Terror shader
>     list.  This provides caulk and the other standard shaders.  Is the
>     shaderlist.txt still a relevant file?  It does get used by
>     ZeroRadiant when I choose to show only textures in shaderlist.txt
>     under the Texture menu.  Perhaps 'common' should be added to this
>     file, no?
>     nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ pwd
>     /home/nlandys/ZeroRadiant
>     nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ find . -name shaderlist.txt
>     ./install/installs/UrTPack/install/q3ut4/scripts/shaderlist.txt
>     ./install/installs/UFOAIPack/install/base/scripts/shaderlist.txt
>     ./install/installs/Q2WPack/install/default/scripts/shaderlist.txt
>     nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$
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