[Gtkradiant] Suggestion: add 'common' to shaderlist.txt

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 21:53:07 CDT 2008

I noticed that 'common' is missing from the Urban Terror shader list.  This
provides caulk and the other standard shaders.  Is the shaderlist.txt still
a relevant file?  It does get used by ZeroRadiant when I choose to show only
textures in shaderlist.txt under the Texture menu.  Perhaps 'common' should
be added to this file, no?

nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ pwd
nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$ find . -name shaderlist.txt
nlandys at sylvester:~/ZeroRadiant$
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