[Gtkradiant] Strange q3map2 behaviour

Timothee Besset ttimo at idsoftware.com
Wed Nov 14 07:47:11 CST 2007

You realize this is way too vague for anyone to help you, right?


Dirk wrote:
> I have some problems with q3map2.
> 1) resulting bsp files always differ like q3map2 allocated memory and
> didn't zero it.
> 2) the current working directory seems to matter in the creation of bsp
> files (when it should not).
> 3) Point 2) isn't the case when I delete ~/.q3a
> All I want to do is to turn a simple map into a bsp file. Everything
> like textures, eventual shaders, and music is not stored in ~/.q3a.
> How can I make q3map2 stop using absolute paths of/to directories where
> it has no business when compiling my maps?
> I wan't to use q3map2 for a open source project of me that crates Q3
> maps out of ASCII art http://aa2map.y7.ath.cx . People don't need Q3A
> for that so q3map2 shouldn't require them to have (or, in this case,
> have not) a ~/.q3a.
> Dirk
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