[Gtkradiant] Strange q3map2 behaviour

Dirk noisyb at gmx.net
Wed Nov 14 00:55:39 CST 2007

I have some problems with q3map2.

1) resulting bsp files always differ like q3map2 allocated memory and
didn't zero it.

2) the current working directory seems to matter in the creation of bsp
files (when it should not).

3) Point 2) isn't the case when I delete ~/.q3a

All I want to do is to turn a simple map into a bsp file. Everything
like textures, eventual shaders, and music is not stored in ~/.q3a.

How can I make q3map2 stop using absolute paths of/to directories where
it has no business when compiling my maps?

I wan't to use q3map2 for a open source project of me that crates Q3
maps out of ASCII art http://aa2map.y7.ath.cx . People don't need Q3A
for that so q3map2 shouldn't require them to have (or, in this case,
have not) a ~/.q3a.


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