[Gtkradiant] Strange q3map2 behaviour

Forest `LordHavoc` Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Thu Nov 15 05:29:21 CST 2007

Dirk wrote:
> 1) resulting bsp files always differ like q3map2 allocated memory and
> didn't zero it.

That indeed sounds like a bug.

> I wan't to use q3map2 for a open source project of me that crates Q3
> maps out of ASCII art http://aa2map.y7.ath.cx . People don't need Q3A
> for that so q3map2 shouldn't require them to have (or, in this case,
> have not) a ~/.q3a.

q3map2 needs at least a scripts directory full of .shader files describing any materials you are using, which the game also needs when playing it.

Additionally q3map2's radiosity features need the actual texture images to be present, so that it knows what color each material reflects back into the scene.

Also any mapmodels you insert (which you don't appear to be using, so this doesn't affect you) need to be present at compile time - but not at play time (however their shaders/textures do need to be
present at play time).

q3map2 is very reliant on material data (for better or worse).

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