[Gtkradiant] What's up with this on the Wiki???

namespace spam at codecreator.net
Mon Jul 2 11:02:35 CDT 2007

> Apparently came from an anonymous user.  Thought the Wiki was going to
> require an account to edit stuff.  I'll edit it out for now.  Perhaps
> there should be some sort of moderation involved, or at least deny
> anonymous editing.
Issue was resolved. Anonymous users don't have write privileges anymore.

> By the way, I had created an account in the old Wiki.  Apparently
> accounts weren't migrated, and I can't find a link to create an
> account.  May I have one so I could start putting together some
> documentation on the site?  I would also be happy to help with any
> moderating.
(as far as I know): Trac uses the account-data from the svn repository, so you 
need a svn-account. Ask TTimo if he can set you up.


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