[Gtkradiant] Support for other games

Sebarnolds [Seb / Frip] sebarnolds at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 5 02:56:59 CDT 2007


I am the main (and only) developer of a 3D game engine. I do this in my free 
time and don't have much time for tools development. I work with a friend 
who handle all the graphics stuff. We need an editor and he likes 
Gtk-Radiant for level design.

However I would need to add support for another game (in fact, it would work 
for any game using my engine) and I didn't found how to do that. I tried to 
duplicate the directory of an existing game (e.g. sof2.game) but it didn't 
work. Is there any information about how to do that ? Am I obliged to modify 
the sources in order to do that ? I would need to specify my map compiler 
and the list of entities.


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