[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report

Sogi Ned sogined at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 8 16:00:35 CST 2007

> In version 1.4, there are a number of plugins (like Bobtoolz, gtkgensurf,
> bkgrnd2d, prtview, etc) which do not appear in the 1.5 version. In fact the
> PlugIn pull down menu in 1.5 comes up completely empty.  Is this an error
> or an oversight?

Depends on the revision (or build date) your Radiant 1.5 was built of
(see about dialog). In the current trunk there should be the bobtoolz
and the prtview plugin
(both from version 1.4) and 4 new plugins.

> I tried to see if I could add the 1.4 plugins into the 1.5 version by copying the
> 1.4 plugins folder to the 1.5 directory, but the plugins pulldown was still empty.
>  I thought maybe there might be an option for a path definition in the
> preferences, but there was not.  :(
> While I am a very experienced programmer ...

Then you should know that you can't copy ;)
(Radiant 1.5 has a completely changed plugin interface)

> I am a newbie as far as map making is concerned and I have a very extensive
> map in the making.  I only just discovered today, the gtkgensurf plugin and I
> think I can make good use of it, but would like to see it in version 1.5.  The
> other plugins, I have yet to find out what they really do, so I am not concerned
> about them (yet!)...

gtkgensurf hasn't been ported to Radiant 1.5 until now maybe you could help out?

> Is there a way to make the 1.4 version plugins work in the 1.5 version of
> gtkradiant? (p.s. I know support for this product is disappearing, but I am sure
> I will still be using the program for some time to come yet.. : )   )

The 1.4 plugin have to be ported to the Radiant 1.5 interface and also built
against it.

> Thanks in advance for your time and help....
> Please advise...

Happy mapping :)

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