[Gtkradiant] What is a "magic path word"???

ydnar ydnar at shaderlab.com
Wed Dec 6 00:33:11 CST 2006

There is the -fs_game option as well. The magic word code is only  
used as a fallback when -fs_basepath isn't specified.

The code is already part of the GtkRadiant tree--it always has been.


On Dec 5, 2006, at 8:27 PM, LinuxManMikeC wrote:

> Hi all,
> Working on adding support to q3map2 for the game Tremulous.  Since Q3
> went GPL they altered the Tremulous mod into a standalone game.  Now
> q3map2 doesn't know to look in user directory of .tremulous and
> instead looks in .q3a .  I got all the basics taken care of and it
> seems to be working fine, but I have no idea what a "magic path word"
> is.  Can someone please explain?  I currently have it set to
> "tremulous" and it worked fine with it set to "quake" (the default
> before my changes) and both seem to be no problem.  Does it even
> matter?
> Also, would you include this in the GTKRadiant source tree when its
> finished?  Or should I just see about Tremulous forking q3map2 code?
> In any case I would suggest that in addition to the -fs_basepath
> option, to have a -fs_userpath or something to make it easier to
> support new games.  I was thinking of implementing this myself after I
> finish the Tremulous code, but others are welcome to do it instead.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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