[Gtkradiant] What is a "magic path word"???

LinuxManMikeC linuxmanmikec at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 22:27:05 CST 2006

Hi all,

Working on adding support to q3map2 for the game Tremulous.  Since Q3
went GPL they altered the Tremulous mod into a standalone game.  Now
q3map2 doesn't know to look in user directory of .tremulous and
instead looks in .q3a .  I got all the basics taken care of and it
seems to be working fine, but I have no idea what a "magic path word"
is.  Can someone please explain?  I currently have it set to
"tremulous" and it worked fine with it set to "quake" (the default
before my changes) and both seem to be no problem.  Does it even

Also, would you include this in the GTKRadiant source tree when its
finished?  Or should I just see about Tremulous forking q3map2 code?
In any case I would suggest that in addition to the -fs_basepath
option, to have a -fs_userpath or something to make it easier to
support new games.  I was thinking of implementing this myself after I
finish the Tremulous code, but others are welcome to do it instead.



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