[Gtkradiant] Halflife 2 Support

SmallPileofGibs spog at planetquake.com
Sat Nov 20 17:28:02 CST 2004

The HL support in 1.5 is nearly as functional as it was in 1.4. It supports hammer .map format and .fgd entity-definitions, and can load wads from the textures menu.
Adding HL2 support to 1.5 would be great. I don't currently have time to do the bulk of the work to support the Source engine formats, but I can coordinate the efforts of others.


> Lo all,
> As Hydra already knows, the ID_LICENSE file is a bit outdated, and doesn't mention any of the other games we already support, like RTCW/ET/JKII/JA etc. etc. and of course HL1. That's not reason enough to not investigate support for HL2. The main thing to remember about GtkRadiant is that it is open source, but it is not free software. The source is available under a proprietary License (well, at least the editor core is), and GtkRadiant can be freely used for non-commercial projects. For any commercial use, you'd have to get a License from id.
> As far as HL1 support in GtkRadiant, I have a very mixed feeling about it. While Hydra did a good chunk of work setting it up in the first place, he hasn't really been maintaining any of it afterwards. tbh, I don't know how much of the HL support works in the 'stable' 1.4 release. And my guess would be that it's just not working at all in 1.5 ( Spog? ).
> I'd rather have fewer games supported, but have that done well. If Spog is cool with it, there's no problem experimenting with Source engine support. Anyone interested should contact Hydra I guess. And most of the discussion should happen on this list or on the IRC channel so everyone can be kept up to date.
> TTimo

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