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Sun Nov 21 06:03:53 CST 2004

> As Hydra already knows, the ID_LICENSE file is a bit outdated,
> and doesn't mention any of the other games we already support,
> like RTCW/ET/JKII/JA etc. etc. and of course HL1. That's not
> reason enough to not investigate support for HL2.

I thought you'd say something like that, and that was the response I had
hoped for.

> While Hydra did a good chunk of work setting it up in the first
> place, he hasn't really been maintaining any of it afterwards.

yes, I'd not kept the HL support as up-to-date as I would of liked, this
happened because of several changes in my life - the gaming café I used to
work at closed (and thus the custom map testing community we had went away),
and I wrote HydraIRC, and I got a job and more recently my new g/f has been
a big time-sap too.

I really would like to add source support to GtkRadiant and keep it as
current as possible.  When we were adding HL1 support to GtkRadiant there
were lots of other changes going on at the same time - the constant changes
to the core with respect to multi-game support was hard to keep up with but
it seems that's all behind us now and the waters ahead are much calmer.

> The HL support in 1.5 is nearly as functional as it was in 
> 1.4. It supports hammer .map format and .fgd 
> entity-definitions, and can load wads from the textures menu.
> Adding HL2 support to 1.5 would be great. I don't currently 
> have time to do the bulk of the work to support the Source 
> engine formats, but I can coordinate the efforts of others.

I'll double check the HL1 support is still functonal (had a quick look last
night, looks like some extra work was done to it regarding the hammer .map
format - excellent) and provide some updates if needed.

I'll also start gathering the information required for source support, at
this stage I don't see any major technical hurdles though.

Finally, I'll check out the current 1.5 code base and try building it here
later today too and get myself back up to speed with things - I'm sure the
core is very different from when I last looked at it!

Again, if anyone else wants to help please respond!

Dominic Clifton / Hydra

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