[Gtkradiant] Halflife 2 Support

Michael Schlüter michael at johalla.de
Sat Nov 20 10:04:53 CST 2004

Hi Hydra,

Am Samstag, den 20.11.2004, 15:30 +0000 schrieb
mailinglist.qeradiant at hydras-world.com:
> Now I know GtkRadiant is primarily ID software technology focused but the
> go-ahead to include HL1 support was given and was done by me (well, not
> quite done, the todo list was left rather large, but still, it worked) and I
> was wondering what the powers that be would say to the prospect of HL2
> engine support for the editor?

I think you have contact ID Software direct because the Licence_ID
contains following subsection:

1.      Grant of Rights.  The "Authorized Copy" shall generally refer to
certain computer software program source codes commonly known as Q3
RADIANT, Q3 MAP, Q3 ASM, and Q3 DATA and shall also generally refer to
the compiled version of the computer software program known as the Video
Compiler.  Subject to your agreement to, and full compliance with, the
terms and provisions of this Agreement, and subject to your prior
agreement to be bound by the terms and provisions of the LIMITED USE
SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT which accompanies the full version of the
software game entitled QUAKE III ARENA (the "QUAKE III License") and
your full compliance with the QUAKE III License, Id Software hereby
grants to Licensee and Licensee hereby accepts, a limited and
non-exclusive right during the Term, as defined below, to: (i) use the
Authorized Copy for your creation of your own modifications which shall
operate only with the full version of QUAKE III ARENA or QUAKE III: TEAM
ARENA  (the "Games"), but not any demo, test or other version of the
Games, such modifications referred to in the QUAKE III License, and
herein, as "New Creations"; (ii) to make modifications to the Authorized
Copy (your "Modifications") for use in your creation of your own New
Creations; (iii) incorporate all or a portion of the Authorized Copy
within your own New Creations; and (iv) distribute, free of charge and
at no cost, copies of the Authorized Copy, so long as this Agreement
accompanies each copy you make of the Authorized Copy; provided,
however, that the recipient of the Authorized Copy must agree to be
bound by the terms of this Agreement and the QUAKE III License
and that all such distribution of copies of the Authorized Copy must be
by electronic means only.  You must refer to the QUAKE III License in
determining your limited rights as to any New Creations which you may

Bye, Michael

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