[Gtkradiant] [Bug 934] keyboard shortcuts don't work if groupdialog or other dialog is in foreground

Joseph, William gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:08:28 -0000

it's better to discuss this on the ML than in the bug comments.

GTK (the GUI toolkit GtkRadiant uses) is to blame for the change in =
behaviour. In the GUI there is always at least one window that has =
focus, and in that window, one widget (aka control) can also have focus. =
The widget that has focus gets the keyboard input event first.. if that =
widget does not handle the input, the event is sent to the parent =
window, which activates the shortcuts in 1.5.x but does nothing in =
The problem with both 1.4.x and 1.5.x (using the latest version of GTK) =
is that GTK remembers which widget has focus for each window. This means =
that when the surface inspector window has focus, the last widget you =
had selected in the surface inspector will always intercept the keyboard =
input. A possible solution might be to force all of the text-input =
widgets to lose focus when you hit enter/escape after editing them. If =
no widget has focus, the shortcuts will work (in 1.5.x, but not in =

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>From the comments I have seen (on planetquake, for example), many users =
the previous behavior to be preferable. I don't think I've seen any who
mentioned that the new behavior was and improvment.

The inspectors (and more importantly, groupdialog) only need to get the =
input if
one of the editable controls has focus. In 1.2.x you can enter numbers =
into the
surface inspector without changing the grid size, you just have to =
select one of the editable controls. Same goes for the entity window.

The new behavior is especially annoying in floating window mode, since =
texture texture window is part of the groupdialog, and so doesn't accept =
shortcuts. That means that if you press 'u' whith the texture window in =
forground, nothing happens. To show 'in use' textures, you must click on =
a 3d or
2d view, and then press 'u'. This is stupid and wrong, since the =
shortcut is
intended for manipulating the texture window.

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